June 22, 2017

Art meets Gin at Northside festival

Co ID Art got the assignment to bring some art to the Njord Gin Club and decided that it would not be enough just to send a couple of drawings. Camilo (the co-founder) and i worked on the concept based on NJORD GINs Core business.
After finalising the idea we got green lights from the founders of Njord Gin and the allowing from the KRADS architect team to paint on the furniture, bar and walls that they designed. Then we startet working on the stencils which took about 3 weeks to prepare. In Denmark we got 3 skilled helpers which painted with Linda two long days to be able to make it to the deadline.

Thanks to the helpers ; Jeppe Pagels (an intern for krads architecture), Jens Niklasson (an intern for Njord Gin), and Kim Fallesen a friend and artist.

Here is a danish review from Århus update that wrote a nice article about the NJORD GIN pop-up bar. http://aarhusupdate.dk/njord-gin-2/