April 21, 2017

Biggest wallpainting in Denmark

Assisting Victor Ash on painting the silo in Haderslev.

In the small town an old grain silo was transformed into a piece of art, which was a historic leftover from the 1950’s industrial harbour. The silo is 1.537 m²  and 30 meters high surrounded by water, the skatepark Streetdome, and a new school.

Victor Ash an international artist with the assist of Rasmus Robak and me worked around two month during all kind of crazy danish summer weather. The art piece was officially initiated the 27th september 2013 and named SEA VIEW. The facet has a climbing wall which offers the change for people to see the art at close. It was a fulfilling experience with hard work and great people. I am happy to have been part of this project (and that I am not afraid of heights).

Read more about the art piece and the surroundings on streetdome.dk/