1985  Born in Swiss

2012  Aarhus Kunstakademi

2013  Juli- September Assisting Victor Ash with Denmarks biggest wallpainting “SEEVIEW”

2013  Aarhus Kunstakademi- Specializing in Printing Methods

2014  Aarhus Kunstakademi – Mentored by Svend-Allan Sørensen

2015  Moved to Berlin

2016  February painting for the company Luxury Dreams
2016 October painting for the Salon TOeNSTUDIO

2017  January co-founded company called Co ID Art

2017 March exhibition in Berlin    fem + fünf = 20
          November the exhibition moves to  Aarhus

2017 June painting the environment of a pop-up bar for NJORD GIN CLUB at North Side festival with Co ID Art