About Linda by Svend-Allan Sørensen

Picture: Ellis Achong Karker. 06.02.2015: Opening: Svend-Allan Sørensen: Grafik og Gevær @ Specta.

I got to know Linda Baum as a young artist with a direct approach and expression.

Linda Baum was a student of mine in the academic year 2014 and her purpose was to rethink the graphic media, which, for her is heavily influenced by surfing and street environment. Subculture in general. Baum works primarily figuratively and textually.

I’ve only seen Linda Baum’s way of work very unconventionally. For example, she has used minestrone soup for printing. Why? Because it’s what surfers eat when they’re on the go. As an artist Linda Baum represents the subcultures therefor she uses the materials related to them.
Someone can say that she expands the graphics field and works her concept in an unconventional way.  It is good that she does so.